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Why it makes sense to go with us!

Have you ever thought about buying a boat to enjoy the beautiful Cape Lookout area?

You might want to consider the costs of ownership VS the benefits of chartering with Lookout Adventures

Check out the facts & figures below, and you’ll agree that the numbers don’t lie!

CONS: Own/operate your own boat PROS: Charter with Lookout Adventures
  • $25,000 minimum for a boat of the same caliber
  • $2,000 minimum for outfitting the boat
  • $1,000 minimum/yr in boat maintenance
  • $2,500 minimum/yr for a place to dock the boat
  • $1,000 minimum/yr for boat insurance
  • $50-$100 in fuel each time you go out
  • $50 per person for fishing licenses
  • You’re responsible for any mechanical issues
  • You’re responsible for safe navigation of the boat
  • Approximately $750 for a full day of FUN
  • No one has to buy a fishing license
  • You leave all the fuel costs to us
  • You leave all the maintenance costs to us
  • After the trip, you walk away w/ no issues
  • No worries about anything, just have fun
  • You don’t have to worry about operating the boat, so everyone can have a beer & not worry about getting a DUI while trying to have fun.

Bottom Line Numbers | Calculating over the span of 5 years at bare minimums

It’s cheaper to charter with Lookout Adventures for 9 FULL days each season than it is to own a boat.

Or, you could charter 18 HALF days if you like, and spread out the fishing & adventure!

It’s pretty obvious…

  • Chartering with Lookout Adventures gives you all the fun & enjoyment of owning a boat
  • Chartering with Lookout Adventures permits you to avoid all the high costs & risks that go along with owning a boat
  • Chartering with Lookout Adventures makes economic sense for those who will use the boat 10-20 days a year
  • Why would you take on all the risk, expenses, work & worry when you can just charter with Lookout Adventures?