Frequently Asked Questions

What type of boat will we use?

We’ll be using the Cape Lookout Adventures 23′ Maycraft Pilothouse, which offers you the most room, most protection from the elements, most room for fishing & relaxing, and much more. It’s possible that a better inshore boat for these types of trips has never been made. The boat is powered by a 2012 Suzuki 175hp Four Stroke for a powerful, quiet & reliable experience.

What happens if the weather is bad for the day of the charter?

We will be the judges of the weather since we are extremely familiar and experienced with the local weather patterns. Cancellations will not be permitted because your group “thinks” they “heard” it “might” rain on TV. Weather people on TV have absolutely no clue about the weather on the coast, and we have seen many cases where people will miss an incredible day on the water because they trusted the “experts” on TV.

If it looks as if the weather will be either “miserable or dangerous”, then we will inform your group, and make the proper decision about your charter.

The Lookout Adventures vessel is a pilothouse version with enclosure curtains so even if there is a short spat of rain/wind, your group will be fully protected and can happily continue enjoying your day after the weather has passed.

What if I need to cancel the charter?

If you cancel 7 days or more before your charter, you are entitled to a full refund of the deposit.
Cancellations that are less than 7 days before the charter will receive 75% of the deposit.
Cancellations that are less than 3 days before the charter will receive 50% of the deposit.
Cancellations that are less than 24 hours before the charter will receive 0% of the deposit.
Groups that do not cancel, and do not show for a charter will be charged the full amount of the charter.

Do you supply tackle?

We provide top quality tackle for your use. All baits and lures are included for your use. Live bait is supplied when needed. You may also bring your favorite tackle. Please indicate this before your trip.

Do you fish with children?

Yes, of course. We love to see children catch fish and help them. Seeing the excitement in their eyes is what makes the family trips such a pleasure for our captain & crew.

Do we need a fishing license?

No, a NC Saltwater Fishing license is provided. The boat has a blanket license for all passengers, so you DO NOT need to have a fishing license.

What do we need to bring?

We suggest you dress for the conditions. A hat, sunglasses, loose and light colored clothing in summer. Warm clothing is appropriate for the spring and fall. You need to bring food, water, drinks, snacks, a camera and a cooler for you fish.

Do I need to have experience?

You do not need to be an expert. We have fun and provide instruction for you, if you need it. It is your day and we do all that we can to make it enjoyable! We appreciate the opportunity to be a part of that.

Where is departure?

We will depart from the Lookout Adventures docking facility next door to the Sanitary Restaurant. The Address is 501 Evans St. Morehead City NC 28557. Parking is free in the lot right across the street from the Sanitary Restaurant. Signs say the parking is for the Sanitary only, but we have an agreement to allow our customers to park there as well. More specific directions will be provided when you book an adventure with us.

Do you clean our catch?

Yes, if time permits, we will clean your fish. Tips are appreciated for this service.

What is the cost if we only have 2 people? or 4 people?

The price is the same – the boat will be private, just for your group.

Will there be any other people on the boat?

Just your group and the captain. The trip is designed to be just for you!

Can we bring a cooler with drinks and snacks?

Absolutely! You can bring whatever you like. Alcohol is fine, in moderation.

But, it’s the winter?? Won’t we be freezing?

Not at all. There are many incredibly beautiful days out on the water, and the pilothouse has plenty of shelter to keep you out of the wind & cold. Just wear a jacket, bring a warm hat, and you’ll be fine.