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Offshore Makeup Charters | The Ground Rules

Please read it carefully and understand it all before moving forward.

  • We will offer OFFSHORE Family Fishing  Adventure on specific days each week. OFFSHORE Family Fishing  Adventure means we will assemble a group of SIX customers from the general public. You may or may not know these people. It is our hope that by the end of the day, you will have shared a good time with some of your family and made a some new friends.
  • The dates that these OFFSHORE Family Fishing  Adventure are offered will be posted on the web site well in advance of the date.
  • The charter will be $440 per person. This amount covers the cost of the charter, tip, and the handling charges.
  • Obviously, if you wish to tip the crew above and beyond that, you may. The Head Mate will receive it and divide it per prearranged agreements between the crew members
  • Customer will decide which date they would like to participate in.
  • Customer will call Lookout Adventures and we will glean the required information for specific date.
  • You will be advised at that time the status of the OFFSHORE Family Fishing  Adventure you have selected. Meaning, it may be half full or mostly full or your commitment may complete the adventure.
  • If your date is not full at this point, we will continue to accumulate a list of make up customers for a specific day.
  • When a day fills up (reaches 6) we will contact each of the members and and advise you that the day has filled and will be going out, baring weather…via an email. This is so you can put it down on your schedule and plan on it. This email will be via BCC (blind carbon copy) so that others will not have your email or information.
  • If a date is not filled to capacity of 6 guests within TWO WEEKS in advance of the date, it will be removed from the site and the trip will not be run. Should this event occur, each of the customers will be notified that the charter did not make via BCC email. Again, Please note that No money will have exchanged hands until the Adventure is completed with SIX guests.
  • We will contact you between two and three weeks before the departure date IF the trip is full and execute full payment from each of the parties concerned. Please note that No money will have exchanged hands until this point.
  • Once payment is made, it will be non-refundable and non-cancelable. You will be committed to this trip. NO REFUNDS will be given unless weather prohibits our completion of this trip. We will have other people also committed to this trip and if you are allowed to cancel on short notice and we are not able to fill your spot(s) and we are not able to run this trip you would be causing them to be inconvenienced. Please be considerate and understand that it must be this way to be fair to all concerned. If you do not show up, you will forfeit the funds you have paid…unless…we are able to fill your position(s) on short notice.
  • If we are able to fill your position on short notice, your payment will be refunded in full. IF NOT, you will forfeit the entire amount.
  • If on the day of the scheduled departure, weather is such that the trip cannot be run, we will attempt to re-schedule that trip to a date acceptable to all involved. Recognize that ALL SIX guests must be able to meet the rescheduled date. If that cannot be done, refunds will be given to all guests for the full amount that you have paid to this point
  • OR...At that point, you may opt to have your payment applied to a different Family Fun Fishing date and start this process all over again on a new date. Be advised that we have a group of vessels in the cooperative and you MAY NOT be scheduled on the same vessel. This should not be a problem since we have carefully selected the vessels in the group and all are professional, high quality, high class.
  • In keeping with our Family Friendly theme on this charter, we have decided that we will allow only ONE six pack of beer for each guest. If you choose to imbibe, please be aware that this is a mixed group. Others may NOT drink. There may be families on board with children. Please be respectful of those around you. You will be on a fair sized vessel, but it can get smaller during the course of the day if you drink too much and get obnoxious. Certainly not pleasant for those that are not feeling as good as you are. If you get too rowdy, the Captain may restrict your access to the alcohol for the safety of the vessel and convenience of the other patrons. Nuff said…

Lookout Adventures is offering this option as a convenience to you.  Currently, the only way you could go OFF SHORE fishing is to book the whole boat for YOUR party. If you can do that, great. WE can definitely help you with that. BUT,Many people cannot afford to spend that much in a single day. If you know enough people that can be here at the same time as you and split the cost with you, that is great. We are offering to assemble a group for you...with the caveat that you may not know the people you will be going with. For this to work, we all need to understand that our actions WILL affect other people.  As you might imagine, this is not an easy process, but we are trying to make it work for YOU….our customers.

Per the tradition of international Maritime Law, the Captain is the LAW on his vessel. You must be willing to follow his direction at all times. He may for the safety and convenience of all concerned impose restrictions to your personal liberties while on his vessel. This is not personal, so please don’t take it that way. The Captain must operate his vessel as he sees fit for the safety of the vessel and passengers. When you step on board, you give up any “rights” you may have regarding the boat and it’s safety. If you are not willing to abide by this rule, perhaps you should not be considering an OFFSHORE charter as every Captain we know feels the same way about this.

We are hoping that this will be a NEW and EXCITING way to offer OFFSHORE FISHING to more people than ever. We would love to work with you to make it happen for you at a price you can afford. Call us today Lookout Adventures 252-515-0356