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2019 : Climbing the Cape Lookout Lighthouse

c@pelookout : May 1, 2019

CLICK HERE for more information about climbing the Cape Lookout Lighthouse

Great shark fishing with Lookout Adventures

c@pelookout : June 26, 2014

Enormous tuna could shatter world record

c@pelookout : March 29, 2014



Good early season fishing charters :: Atlantic Beach, Morehead City & Emerald Isle NC

c@pelookout : March 19, 2014

Despite some bad weather early in the week, we were fortunate to have super calm seas outside the inlet due to the strong North winds.

Good shark fishing and a good bunch of black sea bass were the order of the day.

Fun family on board from Oklahoma and everyone had a great time!

Come join us for a fun family fishing trip and make some quality memories with you and yours.

Looking forward to your trip,

The Lookout Adventures Crew

VIDEO: Blue Marlin jumps into boat

c@pelookout : August 25, 2013

Two fishermen aboard the Marlin Darlin narrowly avoided disaster when the 350-pound blue marlin hooked by the angler decided to land itself, jumping into the boat and barely missing the wireman and knocking the angler to the deck. Both were lucky to have eluded the swinging bill.

The angler is Wahoo Barfield and the man wiring the fish is Chris (last name unknown), according to Beecher Jacobsen, who posted the original video (at bottom) that was taken by his dad, Bobby Jacobsen, on Thursday morning.

Watch how dangerously close the swinging bill of the marlin comes to the two fishermen in this Fox News report

German fisherman gets world-record 515lb Atlantic halibut

c@pelookout : August 17, 2013

A fisherman from Germany caught the fish of a lifetime, a world-record Atlantic halibut that was so big it wouldn’t fit into the boat.

Marco Liebenow was fishing with three friends in a 19-foot boat in Norwegian waters when he hooked what he thought was “a submarine,” according to a Friday report in the UK Daily Mail.

By halibut fishing standards, it was a submarine. The Atlantic halibut weighed 515 pounds, smashing the existing IGFA world record of 419 pounds caught in Norwegian waters in July 2004.

After a 90-minute battle, Liebenow managed to reel the fish to the surface. But once the fishermen saw how big it was, they realized the fish was too big to haul into the small boat. So they tied a rope around its tail.

“The flounder could be towed only with the greatest effort and with great sensitivity to the port,” fishing tour company Angelreisen Hamburg explained (via translation) on its Facebook page.

At the dock, the fish was hoisted out of the water by crane and weighed. After photos, Liebenow donated the fish to a local fish dealer, and then celebrated his catch with a few beers.

“[Marco] does not speak any English but has said it was a wonderful feeling to catch it and has called it a fish of a lifetime,” David Bottcher, Angelreisen Hamburg fishing tours spokesman who arranged the trip, told the Daily Mail. “Before he left for the trip, he called us first to ask for a few hints about how and where to fish—I guess our advice paid off.”

It did, in a big way.

The 9-foot fish, caught in waters off Kjollefjord last month, is awaiting IGFA world-record approval.

Cobia Fishing :: Atlantic Beach NC, Emerald Isle NC

c@pelookout : June 7, 2013

The cobia bite is in full swing with Lookout Adventures – this is a 56 pounder

Nice Shark Fishing @ Cape Lookout

c@pelookout : June 3, 2013

BIG HAMMERHEAD CAUGHT w/ Lookout Adventures

Shark Fishing Cape Lookout


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