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Extreme Shark Fishing | $495.00 | 2 Time Slots Available

7am - 11am ~~ OR ~~ 4pm - 8pm

No Experience Necessary - Just bring your Sense of Adventure

We chum for the big ones, and we hit ‘em when they’re hot

Bring your group, and head out on a true adventure!

  • You don't need to have any fishing experience - we take care of everything!
  • You can do as much or as little as you like - Kids are welcome, encouraged, and even smaller kids are able to reel in even the biggest sharks with our quality reels & tackle. Our main goal is that you have a great time! Check the pictures below for some examples of who can be a "Shark Hunter" or "Huntress"
  • Are you ready for a wild experience fighting with the ocean’s top predator? Come with Lookout Adventures to the best spots to get in fight after fight with hard charging sharks.
  • Some of the best fighting fish in the ocean, sharks can be quite a challenge to bring to the boat, and it's definitely a thrill to know there's a big predator on the other end of that line.
  • We may catch many species of sharks: black tips, sand sharks, lemons, bonnet heads, spiny dogfish, and more...
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Emerald Isle Shark Fishing